Please check these beauties out:  http://www.sixwordmemoirs.com

Please check these beauties out:  http://www.sixwordmemoirs.com

Because it's all I've got today, people.  This is IT.  SIX WORDS about this wonderful Write 31 Days project.  Because I spent two days on the most glorious reading binge and I did not write a word and I'm enough of an Obliger that I need to sit down here and catch up because I am two posts behind.  Hence, six word memoir = CHECK!  POST COMPLETED.  I'm a rule-follower, y'all.  

Here it is, in all it's glory:

Daily writing, in actuality, means DAILY.

So I have to cut the crap about skipping days.  NO MORE.  It stresses me out.

To paraphrase the indescribable Anne Lamott:  Butt in chair.  Sh%#*y first drafts.  Do it like a debt of honor.