The Joy List, Part I

Over the weekend, I spent two days binge reading and not writing  EEEK..  So, here is the quick and dirty Joy List.  31 items for 31 days.  Please enjoy Part I.


1.  SUPERHERO AND CHARACTER PAJAMAS!  In women's sizes!  I bought one yesterday and went back to the store today to get three more.  I CANNOT GET ENOUGH.  

Ok.  So I may have a little bit of an obsession.  They are the most comfortable clothing items in the history of CLOTHES.  I may never get properly dressed ever again.  Listen, if these one-piece zippered fleece concoctions is WRONG,  I don't wanna be right.

2.  Little boys in clothes that are too small.  So freaking hilarious.  He looks completely European.

3.  Michigan State's last minute win over Michigan.  CAN'T GET IT OUT OF MY MIND.  It's the only time you will hear me rooting for State.

4.  Brothers that hold hand in pictures.  Be still my heart.

5.  Pimiento cheese.  ALL DAY LONG.

6.  The Popcast.  Knox and Jamie are totally hilarious.  Or, as Jamie says, warm, but we will judge you.  So funny and perfect.  They make me look forward to my commute.

7.  Binge reading.  If I did not have children and responsibilities, I would very happily read my life away.  

8.  Pure Barre.  Holy guacamole.  THAT CLASS IS FOR REAL.  Let's just say that it required me to sit on a heating pad for three days afterward.  FOR MY BOTTOM.  But it was worth every minute.  I'm still a bit skeptical, and I think it's kind of cult-like, and it makes me worried that I'm cheating on yoga, my first love, but I committed to four classes.  So there's that.

9.  Sitting outside listening to the boys play.  Love to hear squeals and laughter.

10.  FALL.  Glorious fall.  Best season EVAH.  Like a friend of mine remarked today, "I just feel cuter in the fall."  Truer words have never been said.

11.  Notre Dame FOR THE WIN.  Hallelujah and Amen.

12.  Eavesdropping on conversations in Starbucks.  People are so hilarious.  Especially when they are not trying to be hilarious.  If people realized that their conversations were absolutely up for public consumption, maybe they would elevate it a bit.

13.  Ugg boots.  Because of FALL.  

14.  Slouchy cable knit sweaters with pockets for my keys.  And my phone.  And some snacks.  Again, BECAUSE OF FALL.  

15.  GILMORE GIRLS AND PARENTHOOD!!!  Where, oh where have you been all of my life!!  You are my new treadmill and procrastination companions.  Great company, you are.  

Stay tuned for The Joy List, Part II