For Your Weekend

At the end of this holiday week, here are a few things that we are loving around here.. . And one thing that we LOATHE.  I hope that you find a lot to love in this little list, and stay FAR AWAY from the loathsome. 

Things to LOVE, LOVE. LOVE

Some Writer!  The Story of E.B. White by Melissa Sweet
After I wrote about our family's E.B. White deep dive, so many people were in touch about this book!  Let me say, it is a lovely, delightful treasure.  Compiled in a scrapbook style, it includes illustrations, letters, primary sources, and many anecdotes and vignettes about E.B White and his writing life.  Perfect for curling up and reading.

The internet writing of Sarah Bessey. 

Bessey is one of the best writers on the internet, in my opinion.  I love her calm, faithful presence and her encouraging words to writers and creators of all stripes.  These two essays are my favorites: (click the title to follow the link)
Keep Not Quitting 
12 Best Practices for Finding Time, Energy, and Inspiration to Write

Truth’s Table podcast
I’ve only listed to the Gender Apartheid episode thus far, but I really like these women’s smarts, perspectives, credentials, and voices.  I will be spending time pulling up to this table.  

Pantsuit Politics podcast, featuring Sarah from the left and Beth from the right.  Like their tagline promises, there’s no shouting, no insults, only nuance, and the conversation this week about the lecturing tendencies of the left really made me think.  HARD. (CLICK HERE to read the article at length).  I learn so much from these ladies.  Hope you take a listen.

Manuel, Lin-Manuel and McCarter, Jeremy.  Hamilton:  The Revolution.

Manuel, Lin-Manuel and McCarter, Jeremy.  Hamilton:  The Revolution.

All things Hamilton. 

We are OBSESSED.  SHOUT OUT to GRAMMY who sent us all to see it in Chicago!  (And a gold star to anyone who guesses which child ALWAYS sings Burr’s parts.  Ahem).  We are reading the book.  We are singing the songs.  We are watching Hamilton’s America over and over.    It continues to teach, astound, and delight, and I no longer have any independent thoughts.  I only have Hamilton lyrics.  Thanks, Lin-Manuel!  

Simply Tuesday coloring book by Emily P. Freeman

Focusing on coloring is the only way I can be in the same room with my boys when they watch shoot ‘em up movies.  Like Hacksaw Ridge.  They watch.  I color.  We’re together, but not.  It’s perfect. 


The thing to LOATHE.

Summer colds.  

Photo by  elizabeth lies  on  Unsplash

Summer colds are the absolute WORST.  THE.  WORST.  All of the things that make you feel better when you have a cold. . .snuggling under one million blankets next to a roaring fire after a hot bath, sipping on tea with lemon and honey. . .are just THE WORST when it is 90+ degrees outside and everyone is heading to the pool smelling like pina coladas, sunscreen, and freshly cut grass.  Summer colds equal world class PITY PARTY.  You can’t breathe.  Or taste all the yummy food.  You are hot inside and hot outside.  Your nose is both sunburned AND chapped.  Unacceptable!

Here’s how I am trying to nurse myself and those infected in my house back to health:


2 cups Epsom salts
1 cup baking soda
15 drops of your favorite essential oil (I like eucalyptus)
Add 1 cup of Epsom salt to a mixing bowl.  Drop in the essential oils.  Mix.  Add the baking soda and the remaining Epsom salt and blend well.  
Add to a STEAMING hot bath and let the HEALING BEGIN!

IT HELPS.  After two baths, I actually got dressed today.  PROGRESS!

E.B. White agrees with me about colds.  They prevent him from eating olives.  THE NERVE OF COLDS, ANYWAY.

Sweet, M.  Some Writer!  The Story of E.B. White.

Sweet, M.  Some Writer!  The Story of E.B. White.

Stay healthy, hydrated, and happy, friends!  And may you not need the Epsom salt and baking soda bath until winter. 
Happy weekend!