Friday Reads

Editor’s Note:  Books I choose to review or recommend not based on endorsements.  I purchase my own books with cold, hard cash or find for FREE through my dear old local public library.  I write about books that I like and believe that others might also.  No agenda here, other than being a bossy book pusher.  Happy Reading!
Thanks, Nicole, for finding the world's most perfect word on the world's most perfect candy bar. 

Thanks, Nicole, for finding the world's most perfect word on the world's most perfect candy bar. 

It seems as though it’s lovable curmudgeon week around here. I just can’t get enough of gruff, big-hearted men who have a unique talent to see potential and gifts in the people that surround him.   

Meet Ove. 

You'll be glad you did.

Ove is the kind of man who thinks he knows all he ever needed to know about a person by the car they drive.

He believes that a few choice words are more powerful than a lengthy diatribe.

Ove?  He’s the kind of man that runs INTO the fire.

He strictly follows his wedding vows. . . down to the letter.

Ove is the kind man that fixes broken things, thereby mending broken people.

He believes in reasonable rules, high standards, and stalwart principles.

He never hesitates to jump into a fight, or to start one that needs starting.

Ove thinks children should be treated as the humans that they are, not as incapable idiots (his words.  Not mine).

He’s a man that requires order, ritual, and routine.  And by REQUIRES, I mean REQUIRES.  

Despite significant grumbling and protestations, Ove isn’t afraid to do the right thing, even when it proves that he is wrong.

Ove is NOT NICE.  But, he is kind.

Ove’s last major ambition was left unfulfilled.  Turns out, that was perfectly fine with him.

His highest praise? “You’re not a complete twit.”

They don’t make men like that anymore.

Go spend some time with a man called Ove.  It may take a little bit of time for you to warm up to him.  That’s ok.  He's used to that, and he really doesn't care.  Even if he thinks you’re a twit, eventually he will come around, and you’ll stand up straighter after being his friend.  

You may even find that he helps your heart grow a couple of sizes.  

Happy reading!