Days 14-15:  The Restorative Power of Biting the Waterfall

We left Madison mid-Sunday morning, all in a funk. We were tired and vaguely sick of being around people, most notably, sick of being aroundpeople named PETT. We were road weary.  And we were without a solid plan. The general idea was to drive north toward Pictured Ricks through Green Bay, with not a hotel reservation to our name during the height of tourist season. Smart. Oops. Procrastination: 1  Mama: 0

And we were starting to get grabby and wildly impolite with each other. Our manners, well-used and exhausted after being with people we didn't know for four days, decided to TAKE A BREAK. There wasn't a please or thank you to be found in that car. If a sound bubble was floating over our car in Wisconsin, it would just say:


So with that, I give you the GRUMBLY, GRABBY.......

Quote of the Day:

Landon: Give me some ice.

Me: Excuse me. How do you ask? 

Landon: I mean give me ice and water and money. 


But, despite our grumbling and overall negative energy, Wisconsin continued to do a couple of things it does very well (besides cheese, of course): Red barns and silos. 

Listen. I've learned a lot about myself and my people on this trip. Real things. Profound things. And things in between. 

Like my love for silos. 

I love a good silo. A silo means abundance. Plenty. A full pantry. A plentiful harvest. Opportunity. A future. 


Sigh. Silos. I love them so. 

To brighten our outlook, we decided to turn our attention to the very interesting signage of northern Wisconsin. 

So, for your reading pleasure, I give you....

Signs* You Will Only See in Wisconsin

*Meaning billboards... There are 100 million billboards in Wisconsin. No lie. 


Wet Whistle Wine Festival


Next to... Got God??

CAN YOU NAME 7 types of berries? We can.* 

*NOTE:  We couldn't.  We got six. 🌟 Gold star to whomever can do it without the help of my bestie, Google. 

The Village of Ashwabenon

Frog Pond Road

Cheese and Wine Moccasins (I don't know about you, but I'm not interested in a wine moccasin). CHEESE. Wine. Gifts. Moooooore!!!!!

Old Friend Slippers. 20% off  (How much for a NEW Friend Slipper?)

The Grand Central Station Rest stop (Wait. Are we in NYC?)

Packers Items and Beer Can on Sale. Note:  Only ONE. One can. Not two. ONE. 


Piccadilly Circus Pizza (Are we in London, now?)

No Tour For You, Part II

We arrived in Green Bay, excited to take part in the tours of the famed Lambeau Field. Owen, our supreme sports lover, was the most excited. I did a little homework (on the drive up, naturally), and learned that tickets for tours are available on a first come, first served basis, but that there was still availability for the time closest to our arrival. So I was optimistic, some might even say COCKY, about our ability to get in. I mean, how many people could possibly want a tour of Lambeau Field on a random Sunday afternoon in July?  

Oh, only RVs full of people leaving the Oshgosh Fly-In Convention. And also a blimp full of people hankering for a view of THE MECCA OF CHEESEHEADS.

So. No tour for you. 😤

There may have been disappointment. There may have also been tears. BUT. There was also.... 




And the WORLD FAMOUS HUMAN GOALPOSTS!      So, as it was at Jewel Cave, the Lambeau tour was not meant to be. So off we headed toward...

.... and I'm TELLING YOU, the whole vibe in the car CHANGED.

There were giggles and smiles and oohs and aahs and we've made it and we're back where we belong and a wave of relief poured over our loaded-down Suburban. 

And it was all because of the water. 

What we think of as OUR water. 

MICHIGAN water. Whether it's from Lakes Superior or Michigan or Macatawa or the Straits of Mackinac or Tahquanomon Falls, it's the restorative waters of Michigan that changed our attitudes and renewed our road and world weary souls. 

We are BACK, baby. 

#puremichigan  ❤️

We decide to bag Pictured Rocks (gasp!) in favor of driving further to reach Tahquanomon Falls by dinner.

Do less, slowly, RIGHT???

We arrived at a sweet inn on the shores of Lake Superior in a town called Paradise

Here's what my friend Susan had to say about that:

Oh, I know Paradise!  It's right down the road from Christmas. 

Of course it is. 😊👊 

We had a nice dinner, discovered that Spencer is, in fact, a time traveler, 

  ...and tucked everyone cozily into bed to prepare for the next day. 


It was the Michigan baptism and attitudinal reset we all needed. 

We needed to GO. BITE. WATERFALLS. 

So we did. 

Thanks, Tahquanomon Falls, for making us feel new. 

Watch out, Michigan. 

The Pett Family Circus has arrived.