The Housewife. . .

Sometimes, a little mindlessness is necessary. Life got very complicated recently with my big boy's injury, three year old tyranny, my man's West coast travel, and the infant's (lack of) sleeping.  Reading fell by the wayside. My mood plummeted.  I wanted to delve back in, knowing that becoming engaged with story---ANY STORY--- would help the present circumstances, but everything on my list was SO VERY SERIOUS.  HEAVY.  Not what my brain or my heart needed.

Enter Brandi.



Now, I am not proud.  This is by no means FINE LITERATURE.  Girlfriend spoke into a dictaphone, sent it to a ghostwriter to pretty up, and VOILA!  Book.  And not a good one at that.

It is rambling, repetitive, and fraught with details that are borderline libelous.  But it is also delicious, vengeful, and at times funny.  Here's what I learned from dear Brandi.

1.  It is possible for a woman to believe that her husband could have acquired a STD from sharing a lollipop with someone at work.

2.  #hashtagsarethenewGreekchorus

3.  Some people will resort to extreme measures in an attempt to dull profound emotional pain (can you say vaginal rejuvenation, anyone?)

4.  She loves antidepressants.  And Xanax.  And Botox.  And Chardonnay.  And Twitter. And profanity.  And not necessarily in that order.

5.  She hates her ex-husband.  And his new wife.  And lawsuits.  And two-faced friends.

6.  She loves and hates the gossip magazines.  And Google.  And the other housewives.

My take away from the delicious and mindless Drinking and Tweeting and Other Brandi Blunders?

My brain needs a shower.